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High Performance Supreme: Performance Series

HP Supreme offers a stylish appearance and a new dimension in solar protection for enhanced driving comfort. The HP Supreme driving experience is a result of the film’s ability to block up to 58% of total solar energy and more than 99% of ultraviolet light. This ensures optimum heat control and solar protection like no other. HP Supreme offers an extensive range of shades including the darkest window film on the market with only 4% visual light transmittance. In addition, you will be glad to know that HP Supreme features industry leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding solar performance
  • Low reflection
  • Unprecedented film clarity
  • Industry-leading color stability
  • Exceptionally fast dry-out times
  • Perfect color match with Supreme Series across all VLT's
  • Optimum heat-shrinking
  • Available in seven shades
  • Scratch resistant coating for maintenance free operation
  • Limited lifetime warranty