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Tint Master Automotive Specialties Incorporated has over 28 years of experience and has been in operation since 1986. During this time period we have tinted thousands of cars, boats, planes, houses and commercial buildings. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to tint your vehicle or property professionally.

Our Computer Cut System is guaranteed to be a perfect fit and the quality of films and workmanship are also guaranteed. We are also the trusted source for various car dealerships, fleets for new and used car sales. We are also the choice for not only tinting but accessorizing new and used vehicles too!

Tint Master Automotive Specialties Incorporated is also a supplier for aftermarket vehicle accessories. Give us a call today! 905 670 5181

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Automotive tinting

UV ray's can cause a huge amount of damage to the interior of your car, but by reducing the glare of the sun with window tints, you can effectively look after your interior and the people inside your vehicle.

Residential windows tinting

Window tinting is a great protection measure for your family - from strengthening your glass to protecting carpet and furnishings, reducing UV rays and fading. You can be sure your family and furnishings are safe.

Commercial windows tinting

Make sure your staff are comfortable in your workplace and are well protected from heat, UV rays and cuts glare. Window tinting acts as multi-purpose protection for your work place and adds privacy.

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